Hello all! Welcome to the Preservation page of the Blair Mountain Heritage Alliance!

Our most current campaign is working to stop the Adkins Fork permit. Click the link here to sign the petition calling on banks to stop funding the companies behind the destruction of the battlefield and the communities around it.

Click HERE to see the most up to date photos of the Blair Mountain battlefield (taken Dec. 03, 2012).

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see our EVENT CALENDAR

Click HERE for information on our CURRENT campaign to stop the Adkins Fork Permit. Join the struggle and help preserve Blair Mountain.

A key component in our work at Blair is preserving the Blair Mountain battlefield. Currently, it is threatened with destruction by five separate surface mining permits. Our program involves challenging permits on a permit-by-permit basis to ensure that compliance with existing laws is occurring, working with other partners to get the Blair Mountain battlefield put back on the National Register of Historic Places, facilitating research (especially archaeological) to continue to highlight the vast importance of the Blair Mountain battlefield, and many more methods.


A good way to stay informed of our current efforts, accomplishments, and challenges is to sign up for our newsletter. If you would like to be an active participant in the preservation process, please contact us.

Together, we will save Blair Mountain and build a better future!

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